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Sanlan RV Resort Jobs


  • Be visible – make rounds around the park. Drive thru and inspect the mobile home park.
  • Be familiar with camp ground rules, i.e. dogs not on leash, barking etc.
  • Check doors and security of buildings. Make sure the air conditioning units are off when not in use.
  • Monitor the front gate by the corporate building from 8 AM to 9 AM and again during the lunch hour from 12 PM to 1 PM.

Rangers need to watch for:

  • Vehicles without window mirror tags or Sanlan permanent stickers
  • Cars speeding
  • More than 2 cars per site (Office needs to be notified of extra cars)
  • Large crowds at campsites. Make sure all visitors are referred to the office.
  • Keep an eye on the pool area. Check for glass containers and use of alcoholic beverages. (No alcoholic beverages are permitted off the camper’s campsite.)
  • Dogs that are tied out when no one is in the unit. Tell the office staff so a phone call can be made or a note written.
  • Check the picnic area beside the corporate office for cars and fisherman.  There is no fishing in these lakes except by registered campers.  Just ask them to leave because they are trespassing.
  • Check that only umbrella type clotheslines or racks on the back of campers are being used are folded up if empty.
  • Make sure golf cart rules are being followed by ALL – both rentals as well as privately owned CARTS. (Sanlan rental cart drivers must be at least 21 – private cars – 16 with a licensed driver.
  • Make a note on any maintenance issues you find while on your rounds so that they can be taken care of as needed.
  • Unattended children need to be escorted back to their sites.
  • Make sure contractors register at the office – current Polk county business license and certificate of liability insurance is required.




Maintain all assigned areas in a clean and sanitary condition. Empties waste baskets. Transports trash and waste to disposal area. Replenishes bathroom supplies. Sweeps and scrubs bathroom. Cleans rugs, carpets, and floors. Observes and reports any maintenance issues. Perform and complete any special projects or reasonable requests assigned by management.


Working knowledge of operating cleaning equipment. Ability to lift, push and pull required load (usually about 30lbs). Physical stamina and mobility including ability to reach, kneel and bend. Knowledge of cleaning and sanitation products, techniques and methods.

Drug test and background required.=


Sanlan Golf Course Jobs


A golf course maintenance job involves manual labor. A maintenance employee helps keep the course looking its best, not only tending to the greens, fairways and tee boxes, but also perform landscaping duties around the clubhouse, community room and parking lots. Most maintenance employees need to use heavy machinery such as large mowers and cutters.

Employees spend nearly their entire work week outside. Golf course maintenance usually starts early in the morning, around 5:00 A.M., and runs into early afternoon. Employees ready the course for a steady flow of golfers throughout the day. Course maintenance employees are also in charge of setting the cups on the green, moving the tee markers and performing custodial operations on golf course grounds and buildings

Golf course maintenance workers are responsible for cutting grass on the tee boxes, fairways, roughs, fringes and greens; irrigating the course and working on its watering system; sodding; trimming; and applying fertilizer and pesticides on and around the course. They will use equipment such as walking and riding greens mowers, tee mowers, fairway mowers, rough mowers, rollers, bunker rakes, carts, push mowers and a variety of powered and non-powered hand tools.

Physical Requirements:  Ability to speak and hear. Good eye vision, may wear glasses to correct vision. Frequent standing with some walking and sitting at times. Be able to work in a standing position for long periods of time. Be able to reach, bend stoop and frequently lift up to 35 pounds and occasionally lift/move 50 pounds.  Continual use of manual dexterity and gross motor skills with frequent use of bi-manual dexterity and fine motor skills.