The privately owned Sanlan RV & Golf Resort is famous for its natural beauty, which rivals many of the state parks. The area covers nearly 600 acres of wooded land, mined for phosphate in the 1930s and 40s.  

This mining history has been left far behind, revealing very fertile land in place of the mining-scarred landscape.  In the late 1960s, miles of hiking trails were constructed by flattening the tops of the ridges left behind from the mining process.  Over time, the slopes of these ridges have been taken over by trees, providing natural shading for most of our trails.

The property is bounded on the south by Banana Lake, home to many water birds.  Bald eagles nest nearby, and ospreys frequently drop in for fishing in Banana Lake.  Bird lovers are sure to love this area, which is included annually in the Audubon bird count.  Our commitment to help wildlife is our way of giving back to the nature that makes us more than an RV park. 

Mopeds and golf carts of registered campers are permitted on the trails of Sanlan RV Park or you can rent one of our affordably priced golf cats. For the safety of our wildlife, ATV's, motorcycles, and private autos are not permitted on the trails nor knobby tires or modified carts.

Visit our Butterfly Garden for a closer look on the butterflies that call Sanlan home.

Visit trails on your golf cart -knobby tired vehicles prohibited on Sanctuary Trails, Lake Trails,  and Golf Course.

Banana Lake Trail
Jogging or walking along the sanctuary trails are very rewarding activities.
Wildlife watching is superb by Banana Lake or along our shaded trails.